Presentation is a small community of queer persons who enjoy riding bikes and sharing their experiences with others. Meet fellow bicycle riders, wether mountain bikers, bike packers, roadies, commuters or even mechanics or complete newcomers!

We mainly write and speak in English but all languages are welcome!

Our community is made of a set of carefully moderated Signal chat rooms.

Chat rooms

List of our chat rooms, and their goals:


Etiquette Please feel free to join us here, if you do, know that we ask everyone to keep a few things in mind. The following list is not exhaustive, and will be modified and expanded over time. Look, if you get it and you you're good with it, great. If you don't get it, figure it out - we can help! If you don't want to get it, maybe find somewhere else to hang your helmet.
Be you This is a space to celebrate our diversity. Here you don't need to be a brand, be true to yourself and let others do the same.
Cultivate a Safe Atmosphere Harassment will not be tolerated, oppressive behavior will not be tolerated, and while failure to recognize the boundaries of others may be met at first with a gentle attempt to educate you, repeated failure will not be tolerated.
Share Things Talk about what you are up to! Talk to other people about what they are up to! Make things! Share you patreon! Post your art! Share your knowledge! ask the questions that keep you awake at night.
Banal Bullshit Unwelcome There's nothing interesting about homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism or any of the other unexamined default settings some people grow up with. Being a nazi isn't an opinion, it's shitty and aggressively boring - take it somewhere else. You can feel free to disagree somewhere else where none of us have to hear you. Enforced strictly.


What is it for? Discussing and riding bikes with straight people can be annoying! We wanted to have our own space to share freely things about ourselves without judgment or social pressure
Why using Signal? Signal is a great messaging and social application that preserve your privacy, it's open source, free to use and available on a very wide range of devices.
I'm already member of too many groups! Being a member of multiple Signal groups can be challenging due to the sometimes high number of notifications. Some people are more chatty than others and it can quickly become overwhelming. Please see the Signal documentation to learn how to finely tune your notifications and not be bothered.
Why not a blog? Blogs and other content management systems (CMS) needs a lot of resources to run. is a simple static HTML page with links to Signal groups, it's lightweight, easy to maintain and cost nothing!
Who made this? Please see our acknowledgements page. It contains all the informations you need.
I'd prefer Telegram than Signal Telegram is a popular application packed with tons of features and a nice user interface. However, it's a proprietary system, not secure at all and is the propriety of a Pavel Durov, a Russian citizen operating a shell company from Dubai.


In case of issues, you can reach out to the moderators and/or administrators of the chat rooms directly.
You can also contact us by e-mail: